Council of Europe Development Bank celebrates 60 years helping vulnerable people

Article by the Council of Europe’s Director General of Democracy, Snežana Samardžić-Marković 

The plight of asylum-seekers in limbo on the Greek island of Lesbos has been making media headlines. The lucky few rescued by Pope Francis have escaped over-crowded, makeshift camps, without clean water, necessary medicines or access to legal advice.

Behind the scenes, to help the small island’s authorities cope with the influx of asylum seekers and migrants, two new accommodation centres are being built, with a 2 million euro loan from the Council of Europe Development Bank. The centres will provide 100 much-needed places, with 40 reserved for unaccompanied children. They are due to be finished by the autumn.

This is just one of the projects supported by the Development Bank, which has spent the last 60 years investing in projects that foster social inclusion and help Europe’s most vulnerable people. It is Europe’s oldest multilateral development bank and the only one with an entirely social purpose.

Article published on NEWEUROPE website.

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