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PACS-Serbia - Strengthening the capacities of law enforcement and judiciary in the fight against corruption in Serbia


In recent years, Serbian authorities undertook a number of important steps in the fight against corruption, including the ratification of key Council of Europe legal instruments in this field - Criminal and Civil Law Conventions against Corruption, as well as the Additional Protocol to the Criminal Law Convention. Despite the reforms undertaken, corruption remains a serious concern for the people of Serbia. The Serbian authorities have acknowledged that corruption is a priority issue that requires comprehensive and serious countermeasures. This includes adequate responses to various challenges in investigating, prosecuting and adjudicating corruption and white collar crime. With the above in mind, the Council of Europe and the European Union have launched, in December 2012, a joint project “Strengthening the Capacities of Law Enforcement and Judiciary in the Fight against Corruption in Serbia” (PACS). With duration of 28 months, the project will encompass specialised training designed for the judiciary, prosecution and law enforcement officers; introduce new IT tools to investigate corruption and white collar crime; and will conduct risk analyses and provide recommendations aimed at improving the efficiency of criminal investigations and proceedings.


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Activities in the past:

Presentation of CEPOL Curriculum on Police Ethics and Integrity (Belgrade, 17 December 2014)  

Further to recent signing of the MoU between the Council of Europe and the European Police College (CEPOL) the presentation of the Common Curriculum on Police Ethics and Integrity (CC05D) was held. This curriculum, presented to all Serbian police departments (including those in charge for education and training) will serve as a basis for follow up trainings that project will carry out in 2015.

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Training Seminar for Disciplinary Prosecutors
(Belgrade, Serbia, 4-5 December 2014)  

In cooperation with the OSCE Mission to Serbia, the project held a training seminar for disciplinary prosecutors and members of the disciplinary commissions of the High Judicial Council and the State Prosecutorial Council. The seminar focused, inter alia, on the ECtHR case law and on good practice of the countries in the region.

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Training of Trainers for Judges and Prosecutors on Integrity, Ethics and Prevention of Corruption
(Belgrade, Serbia, November-December 2014)  

Based on curriculum released in October 2014, the training of trainers programmes for judges and prosecutors have been agreed with the Judicial Academy, High Judicial and State Prosecutorial Councils. Once the programme is completed, the new trainers will conduct the follow up trainings of their peers in the regions.

Agenda of Training of Trainers for Judges  English / Serbian
Agenda of Training of Trainers for Prosecutors English / Serbian

Project Steering Committee Meeting
(Belgrade, Serbia, 22 October 2014)  

The 4th project Steering Committee meeting discussed the implementation of the PACS project in period April - October 2014. Views on how to move forward with implementation of certain specific project activities were exchanged and possibility of project extension was discussed. The meeting took place at the premises of the Council of Europe Office in Belgrade.

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Training Curriculum for Judges and Prosecutors
(Belgrade, Serbia, October 2014)  

The project finalised the Training Curriculum on Integrity, Ethics and Prevention of Corruption/Misconduct for Judges and Prosecutors in Serbia. This document, which identifies gaps in the existing training framework and makes specific recommendations on the structure and content of the curriculum, will serve as a basis for the follow up trainings that will be organised by the project in period October 2014 – February 2015.

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Conference - public presentations of risk analyses 
(Belgrade, Serbia, 30 September 2014)  

Two reports prepared by the project - “Assessment of Risks of Poor Conduct and Corruption in the Serbian Judiciary and Prosecution” and “Risk Analysis aimed at Assessing Organisational and Regulatory Obstacles to Efficient Criminal Investigations and Proceedings” were presented at the conference that took place on 30 September 2014 in Belgrade. Apart from promoting the results of these assessments, the aim of the conference was to further encourage anti-corruption reforms within the judicial system. The keynote speeches were delivered by high-level representatives of the Ministry of Justice, State Prosecutorial Council, Supreme Court of Cassation, EU Delegation in Serbia and the Council of Europe Office in Belgrade.

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Working Group to Discuss the Record Keeping Methodology and Benchmarking (Palic, Serbia, 22-24 September 2014)  

In July 2014, the Serbian Ministry of Justice established a Working Group assigned to prepare the methodology for unified statistics for criminal cases. This decision corresponds to requirements set by the measure of the Anti-corruption Action Plan (2013-2018). Taking into account its previous assistance, the PACS project was invited by the ministry to continue its assistance in this area and participate in the Working Group meetings. The first meeting of the Working Group was held on 22 -24 September 2014.

Review of the Final Version of the Draft Law on Whistleblowers Protection (Serbia, July 2014)  

In cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, the project prepared a review of the final version of the draft Law on Whistleblowers Protection. The review, apart from assessing the draft law’s conformity with the Council of Europe Recommendation on Whistleblowers (CM/Rec(2014)7), also considered to what extent the final draft introduced the recommendations set in the Council of Europe expert opinion (ECCU-PACS SERBIA-TP8-2014) provided in January 2014.

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Trainings for journalists on investigative journalism and reporting on corruption
(Novi Sad and Nis, 30-31 May and 20-21 June 2014)

In cooperation with the Novi Sad School of Journalism, the project held two specialised trainings for journalists aimed at discussing good practices in investigative journalism and reporting on corruption. Specifically tailored training manual that, inter alia, includes ethical standards, definition and key components of the investigative journalism, practical examples/case studies and glossary of legal terminology, was presented and distributed to all trainees.

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Conference “Corruption Risk Analysis and Strengthening Police Integrity”
(Belgrade, Serbia, 3 June 2014)

In late April 2014 the project finalised the risk analysis on corruption and poor conduct within police structures in Serbia. As a result of this analysis a comprehensive report which, inter alia, sets recommendations on how to develop and strengthen their anti-corruption mechanisms, has been prepared and delivered to the respective authorities. This report was publicly presented and discussed at the conference organised by the PACS project in cooperation with the A-COP group (Civil Society against Police Corruption)  held on 3 June 2014 in Metropol Palace Hotel in Belgrade.

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Follow-up Trainings on Investigation, Prosecution and Adjudication of Corruption/Economic Crime Cases
(Belgrade, Serbia, 23 May 2014)  

The project, in cooperation with the Judicial Academy, will hold four interactive trainings in the different regions in Serbia. These trainings will be conducted by the national trainers certified following the completion of the PACS training of trainers programme. The focus of the trainings will be on investigation, prosecution and adjudication of corruption/economic crime cases, financial investigations, evaluation of evidence, use of special investigative means and case law of the European Court of Human Rights. First training took place in Belgrade on 23 May 2014.

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Roundtable “Reporting on Corruption and Investigative Journalism“
(Belgrade, Serbia, 14 April 2014)  

As a part of its activities targeting journalists and civil servants, the project organised an awareness raising event that discussed good practices in investigative journalism and reporting on corruption. The roundtable, organised in cooperation with the Novi Sad School of Journalism, will be followed by three specialised trainings for the same audience.

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3rd Steering Committee Meeting
(Belgrade, Serbia, 8 April 2014)  

Following its first year of implementation, the project held the 3rd Steering Committee meeting and discussed its achievements and way ahead. The meeting also approved the project’s 1st Progress Report and agreed modalities for activities’ implementation scheduled for period April – September 2014.

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Finalisation of the draft Law on Whistleblowers Protection (Serbia, 3-5 April 2014)  

Further to the expert opinion on the Draft Law on Whistleblowers Protection (provided in January 2014), the project continued to assists Serbian authorities in aligning this piece of legislation with the relevant Council of Europe standards. In view of that, the meeting of the Working Group, assigned to finalise the draft law, was attended by the Council of Europe/PACS expert who assisted in formulating the final version of the draft law.

Training of Trainers – Second Session
(Vienna, Austria, 19-21 March 2014)  

The second training of trainers session, gathering the same participants as the first one held in Vrdnik, was organised in Vienna from 19 to 21 March 2014. This session focused on investigation, prosecution and adjudication of corruption and economic crime cases with emphasis on models and functioning of the joint investigative teams, detection of corruption through audits reports and assessment of financial evidence by prosecutors and courts. In addition, the participants had an opportunity to meet and exchange their experience with the colleagues from the Austrian Federal Bureau for Anti-corruption.

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Training of Trainers – First Session
(Vrdnik, Serbia 24-26 February 2014)  

PACS project has supported the Serbian Judicial Academy to develop training plans and materials to be used by prosecutors, judges and police officers in the preparation and delivery of training on investigation, prosecution and adjudication of corruption and economic crime. The first stage of the training of trainers programme took place in Vrdnik (Serbia) while the second session is scheduled to be held in Vienna, in March 2014. Once both sessions are completed, PACS will provide certificates to the future trainers who will then be engaged in follow up training of their peers in Belgrade, Nis, Kragujevac and Novi Sad.

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Provision of the Expert Opinion on the draft Law on Whistleblower Protection 
(Serbia, January 2014)

Upon request of the Serbian Ministry of Justice and Public Administration the project prepared the expert opinion/assessment on the compliance of the draft Law on Whistleblower Protection with the relevant international standards, particularly with the Council of Europe draft Recommendation on Whistleblower Protection. The opinion is expected to be used by the Working Group assigned to finalise the draft law, in its efforts to bring this piece of legislation in line with international standards and good practice.

Activities in the past:
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