The main overarching component parts of the Council of Europe are :

  • the Committee of Ministers,
  • the Parliamentary Assembly, and
  • the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities.

More detail is available on the Council of Europe's main website.

They issue recommendations and resolutions which are non-binding texts, but which are nevertheless important standard setting documents.

 Adopted texts with reference to history and history teaching


Steering committee for educational policy and practice (CDPPE)

The Steering Committee for Educational Policy and Practice oversees the Council of Europe’s programmes in the field of education and advises the Committee of Ministers on all questions within its field of competence, covering all areas and levels of education. Its overall aim is to develop a coherent approach to the role of education on the basis of a broad vision encompassing both values and competences, with particular emphasis on preserving and promoting human rights, democracy and the rule of law, and the ability of our societies to engage in intercultural dialogue. 

Governments of the 50 States party to the European Cultural Convention are represented in the Committee by senior officials from the general education and higher education sectors.

 Several NGOSs active in education are observers to the Committee