Building a Europe for and with children

Sexual violence and children ...
hurt for life

Sexual violence is one of the worst forms of violence against children. It can take many forms among which: incest, pornography, prostitution, trafficking in human beings, sexual exploitation and sexual abuse. All of these can and do cause serious damage to children’s mental and physical health. The consequences of sexual abuse follow children into their adult lives – lives which first person accounts often describe as lived out in hidden sorrow and pain.

Although public attention is most often drawn towards the lurking stranger depicted in media, yet children are most in danger of abuse from those around them, such as family members and friends, care-givers, even peers.

Protecting children from violence has been a top priority at the Council of Europe for many years.

As a response to sexual violence, the Council of Europe is launching a pan European campaign on 29 November 2010 in Rome:

- to encourage the signature and ratification of the Organisation child related legal instruments and;
- to launch comprehensive awareness raising actions to prevent and combat sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children, trafficking in children and cybercrime where children are targeted.

Launching event of the campaign in Rome on 29-30 November 2010
Council of Europe campaign to stop sexual violence against children
Entry into force of the Council of Europe Convention against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse