Building a Europe for and with children

Council of Europe campaign to stop sexual violence against children

In response to its mandate under the childrenís strategy for 2009-2011, the Council of Europe shall in November 2010, launch a Europe-wide Campaign to stop Sexual Violence against children.

On this occasion, the program "Building a Europe for and with Children" has developed two dedicated websites:

- The site one in five, which is the reference site for the Council of Europe Campaign
to Stop Sexual Violence against Children.

- The underwear rule site, which focuses specifically on how to handle this delicate subject with children, in a playful manner.

The campaign aims to promote the ratification and implementation of the Council of Europeís primary legal instrument in this area; the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse (Lanzarote Convention), as well as the Cybercrime Convention and the Convention on Human Trafficking;

Furthermore, in keeping with current data which shows that children are most likely to be abused by those closest to them; special attention will be devoted to the prevention of child sexual abuse taking place within the family, community settings or institutions where children are cared for by people they trust. The initial phase of the campaign targeted at general public will therefore focus on sexual abuse of children.

In preparation of this campaign, the Council of Europe has held a Consultation with experts on the prevention of sexual abuse of children, in Strasbourg 10-11 December and prepared a Campaign outline document which helped define the principle lines of the campaign.

Campaign outline
Consultation report
Programme of the Consultation with experts
Background document on the campaign
Participant's list attending the consultation