Building a Europe for and with children

Hitting adults is called assault.
Hitting animals is called cruelty.
Hitting children is "for their own good".

On 15 June 2008 “Building a Europe for and with children”  launched a Europe-wide awareness-raising initiative against corporal punishment of children.

Online signature against smacking
See announcement.
Document presenting the campaign  
This mini-campaign will focus on:
the need to ban corporal punishment of children;
promoting positive parenting, or raising children in a non-violent environment.

Resources include:

A media pack, consisting of a radio and television spot, and inserts for newspapers (available soon); and an exhibition.
An information pack, consisting of:

A 50-page handbook: Abolishing corporal punishment of children – Questions and answers:
Other languages: Armenian; Croatian;  Estonian;
Italian; LithuanianPolish; RomanianRussian; SerbianSlovakian; Slovenian; Spanish; Greek

Coming soon in: Portuguese and German (see French website for French version)
Key points – an information leaflet (with cartoon stickers): abolishing corporal punishment in a nutshell. Click here!
     Other languages: Slovenian / Hungarian / Polish/ stickers in Polish

A revised edition of a
Eliminating corporal punishment - A human rights imperative for Europe’s children. For a specialised and motivated public.

Off the books! Guidance for Europe's parliaments on law reform to eliminate corporal punishment on children (coming soon in French)

An information leaflet on positive parenting

Three posters on the theme: "Your hands should nurture not punish"
Poster 1
Poster 2
Poster 3