Building a Europe for and with children

Parliamentary Assembly resolutions
(see links to related documents at the end of each resolution)

Resolution 1850 (2011) What Europe can do for children in the aftermath of natural disasters and crisis situations: the examples of Haiti and Afghanistan
Resolution 1834 (2011) Combating “child abuse images” through committed, transversal and internationally co-ordinated action
Resolution 1828 (2011) Reversing the sharp decline in youth employment
Resolution 1826 (2011) Expansion of democracy by lowering the voting age to 16
Resolution 1810 (2011) Unaccompanied children in Europe: issues of arrival, stay and return
Resolution 1803 (2011) Education against violence at school
Resolution 1762 (2010) Children without parental care: urgent need for action
Resolution 1761 (2010) Guaranteeing the right to education for children with illnesses or disabilities
Resolution 1669 (2009) on the rights of today's girls – the rights of tomorrow's women
Resolution 1663 (2009) on women in prison
Resolution 1662 (2009) on action to combat gender-based rights violations, including abduction of women and girls
Resolution 1630 (2008) on refreshing the youth agenda of the Council of Europe
Resolution 1624 (2008) on preventing the first form of violence against children: abandonment at birth
Resolution  1608 (2008) on child and teenage suicide in Europe: a serious public health issue
Resolution 1587 (2007) on situations of children living in post-conflict zones in the Balkans
Resolution 1579 (2007): Prostitution - Which stance to take?
Resolution 1537 (2007) on a future for HIV/Aids children and Aids orphans
Resolution 1530 (2007) on child victims: stamping out all forms of violence, exploitation and abuse
Resolution 1337 (2003) on migration connected with trafficking in women and prostitution
Resolution  1307 (2002)  on sexual exploitation of children: zero tolerance
Resolution 1247 (2001) 1  on female genital mutilation
Resolution 1212 (2000) on rape in armed conflicts
Resolution 1099 (1996) on the sexual exploitation of children