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Conference on "Challenges in Adoption Procedures in Europe"

The Council of Europe and the European Commission have organised jointly a conference on: “Challenges in Adoption Procedures in Europe: ensuring the best interests of the child”.
This event was held at the Council of Europe Headquarters, in Strasbourg from 30 November  to 1 December 2009.

The main themes treated in the Conference are the following:
- the revised European Convention on the Adoption of Children and the best interests of the child;
- the adults in the adoption process;
- the role and responsibility of State Authorities;
- the access to one's origins: how to find a balance between the different parties involved?
- from National to International Adoptions: The 1993 Hague Convention on Adoption;
- the right to a family: is International Adoption the last resort solution?
- towards a European Adoption Policy?

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