Nadya Benklyan – pilot

“The best advice I would give to women is not to be afraid of challenges”. Nadya Benklyan, civil aviation pilot tells us. Her inspiring story traces when and how she decided to become a pilot, who was her “role model” and what were the biggest barriers she faced before achieving her dream.

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Tamta Melashvili – writer

In her interview Georgian writer Tamta Melashvili tells us what she wanted to say with her book Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry, including the stereotypes female writers face and more. This video is part of a series aimed at fighting violence against women and reinforcing gender equality.

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Mari Gurgenishvili – marine mechanic

Her family wanted her to become a model. Instead Mari Gurgenishvili is the only woman marine mechanic in Georgia. We visited her in Batumi to hear her inspiring story that should encourage all women to pursue their dreams.

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Tamar Chaava – soldier

Tamar Chaava is a sergeant whose dream to become a military servant derives from childhood. In this video she talks about the barriers and challenges and success she has faced on her path to realising her career goal. Her story is inspiring. This video is part of a series aimed at fighting...

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We just want a job !

Universidade Lusófona Lisbon

This video was produced for the Council of Europe by film students at the departamento de cinema e artes dos media at the Universidade Lusófona in Lisbon, Portugal. It emphasises that disabled people have as much to offer employers as their non-disabled counterparts, and calls for...

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Don’t let the truth be torn apart !

Universidade Lusófona Lisbon, Portugal

This video was made by film students at the Universidade Lusófona in Lisbon, Portugal. Without freedom of the press, we are all blind and deaf. The press is our watchdog over the actions of governments, politicians, international organizations, corporations, and other establishments....

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