Atrás Racism: Switzerland should improve support for victims says ECRI

Racism: Switzerland should improve support for victims says ECRI

A new report by the Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) calls on Switzerland to increase funding and human resources for counselling centres for victims of racism, and to deal more effectively with discrimination, as well as promoting integration.

ECRI notes significant progress since its last report in 2014, but some issues continue to give rise to concern. There is still no general anti-discrimination legislation and no state support for LGBTI victims. The report also notes that there has been a sharp rise in intolerant discourse against Muslims, particularly in the media. There is a shortage of places to stop for travelling Yenish and Sinti/Manouche and non-Swiss travelling Roma are increasingly excluded. Lastly, institutional and structural racism continues to be a problem in the police, as evidenced in racial profiling and identity checks targeted notably at itinerant persons and black people.

The report makes 15 recommendations to the Swiss authorities. Within the next two years, ECRI will review the implementation of two of the recommendations, identified as priorities. The report was prepared following ECRI’s visit to Switzerland in early 2019 and takes account of developments up to 19 June 2019.

 ECRI report on racism in Switzerland

 Press release
Report on racism in Switzerland: improve support for victims and deal more effectively with discrimination

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