A Council of Europe platform on responses to violence against children


Up to 1 billion minors between 2 and 17 years of age endure physical, emotional or sexual violence every year according to the World Health Organization (WHO, 2017). Since the creation of its programme “Building a Europe for and with Children”, the Council of Europe has committed to combating violence against children (VAC) by developing international partnerships, European standards to be implemented by member states, and practical instruments and tools that may be used by child rights activists at all levels, including this new online platform and resource centre: the "VAC Clearinghouse".


Effective responses to violence against children (VAC) need integrated approaches at all levels, from the international scene to the local community, passing by national strategies which are comprehensive and targeted likewise. Integrated national strategies have been promoted for many years via the Council of Europe Policy Guidelines on Integrated National Strategies for the Protection of Children from Violence

Through the present “VAC Clearinghouse” – an online platform meant to facilitate access to various resources on violence against children– the Council of Europe wishes to support all stakeholders and partners involved in developing such effective responses, by facilitating access to various resources related to violence against children.

The VAC Clearinghouse offers four “entry points”, allowing to approach responses to violence against children from different angles. Behing each entry points, key information will be provided before leading on to the "compendium of resources". 

The VAC Clearinghouse has been built up through the activities of Council of Europe children’s rights committees  in 2018/2019 and is a living instrument that shall be regularly updated thanks to contributions by member states and other partners of the Council of Europe.