A Council of Europe & ENOC exhibition

What do children really think and feel about the impact that austerity measures have on their daily lives – on how they live, study, play, communicate with friends? What has really changed for them with these measures in place? Are we really putting children’s rights first?

In 2014, the Council of Europe and the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children (ENOC) embarked on a journey to engage with children and enable them to create their own short films and animations to express their views and feelings.


"Austerity Bites: Children’s Voices" is the result of this creative and enriching process of providing children with a channel to express their views. A total of thirty-six children and young people across eight different municipalities and regions of Europe (Rome, the Hague, Ghent, Athens, Brussels, Glasgow, Preston, Marseille) gave us their views as rights holders by creating their own short films and animations on the impact of austerity measures.

A total of 150 million children live in the 47 member States of the Council of Europe. The Strategy for the Rights of the Child places children firmly at the centre of the Council of Europe’s human rights work. Protecting children from violence, giving them access to services and justice, and encouraging states to take the voices and views of children seriously are only some of the priorities of the Council of Europe. The “Austerity Bites” exhibition cuts across many of the key strategic objectives of the Council of Europe.


Watch the short films: Giulio, Jacopo, Valerio, Stefano and Matteo from Rome; Sabrina, Arielle, Kishan and Rahma from The Hague; Ashley, Kimberley and Annelies from Ghent; Giannis, Thanoulis, Sakine, Lamaan, Katerina and Spyros from Athens; Shauna, Aklima, Huseyin, Yannis and Loup from Brussels; Emma, Jade, Tamara and Louise from Glasgow; Kat, David, Will, Robyn and Loren from Preston; Audrey, Kaïs, Rania and Youcef from Marseille!