Council of Europe/European Union
Partnership for Good Governance for Eastern Partnership Countries

Supporting the criminal justice reform and combating ill-treatment and impunity in Armenia

Start date: July 2015
Duration: 24 months
Budget: EUR 500 000
Donor: Council of Europe and European Union
Partners: Ministry of Justice, Justice Academy, Special Investigation Service, Investigative Committee

The Project aimed at strengthening the implementation of European Human Rights standards in Armeniain the context of fight against torture, ill-treatment and impunity.

The specific objectives of the Project were to support the alignment of human rights policies and practice in this field by ensuring compliance of legislative and regulatory frameworks with European standards and build the capacities of legal professionals and law enforcement officers.

As a result of the Project implementation, it was expected that

  1. The legislation on criminal matters and institutional mechanisms for combating ill-treatment is improved and implemented in line with European human rights standards;
  2. The capacity of the Justice Academy to train investigators on criminal justice and human rights is strengthened;
  3. Knowledge and skills of investigators on criminal justice and human rights, including effective investigations of ill-treatment cases, are improved.
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