8 November 2022, 9.00-11.00 - Room 11 – Palais de l’Europe 

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Sponsored by the City of Strasbourg

Civic education helps us understand the role that we, as active citizens, can play in shaping our own future. It teaches us how to protect democratic values and gives us the necessary tools to sustain our democratic form of government.

What can we do to counter the declining trend of civic engagement in many countries across the world? Most people understand that they have individual rights in a democracy, but less so ab out the responsibilities of citizenship. Is civic education still a viable option to counter democratic backsliding? Which new methods can we use to adapt civic education to the modern problems that societies are facing today?

Lab 2: Civic Education
Palais de l'Europe, room 11 8 November 2022 - 9.00-11.00
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initiative 1

Politize! Instituto de Educação Política - Politize!


Politize! - Instituto de Educação Política (Politize! – Civic Education Institute) is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to train and engage a generation of citizens conscious and committed to democracy. Our main objectives are to strengthen the culture of social participation in political processes and institutions of all kinds, in a purposeful and constructive way; To promote volunteering for civic education; To defend the fundamental political and social rights of Brazilian citizens; To promote democracy, political pluralism, citizenship and human rights based on ethics and human dignity.

Our organisation emerged from the realisation based on data that democracy has been going through a crisis around the whole world. In the Brazilian context, we perceived that people do not understand that politics is a vital part of their lives. That is what we consider one of the biggest political problems in Brazil: the lack of people’s capacity to practise citizenship and low attachment to democratic values itself. That is why we decided to act in order to change this reality, so we operate by promoting civic education for millions of people online and offline, bringing experiences that redefine citizenship through accessible, plural and practical learning.




Communication officer, Politize!


Danniel Barbosa is a 24-year-old Brazilian who believes in the potential of political education to make a better world. He graduated in International Relations at the Federal University of Santa Catarina. He is now a master's student in International Politics at the Federal University of Santa Catarina specializing in cyber policy and governance. He has been working since 2019 at Politize! - Instituto de Educação Política, a Brazilian NGO that works at bringing civic education to anyone, anywhere, to form a generation committed to democracy. He is currently in charge of all the structure of text content, videos, podcasts, courses, among others, created and made available free of charge by Politize!.

initiative 2

Le mouvement « Nouveau Type de Citoyens » - ONG Nouveau Type de Citoyens (NTC)


NTC is a Beninese non-governmental organisation established in January 2020. It is a secular and non-political organisation covering the whole national territory. The global objective is to contribute by 2030 to fostering a new generation of a new kind of citizens, who are not merely spectators, but the actors and co-producers of their communities’ and their country’s governance. NTC is made up of young Beninese volunteers who have decided to dedicate their time and their resources to the advancement of democracy in Benin through education (1) and citizen participation (2).




Public Policy Specialist, Founder of the New Type of Citizens Movement


Romaric Mouftaou is a public policy specialist from the Republic of Benin in West Africa. He is the Founder of the New Type of Citizens Movement (NTC Movement). After graduate studies at universities in Africa and Europe, and years of service in the banking and corporate sectors, he now moves into the world of diplomacy where he works on public diplomacy and security cooperation. His passion for development issues has led him to focus on the contribution he can make to the development of public policies with a lasting impact in Benin and in Africa. He is a PhD student and Researcher in Political Science at the University of Abomey-Calavi in Benin.

initiative 3

Learning Electoral Process in schools to foster democratic values, skills and attitude of young citizens - Vote Le Ethiopiaye Charitable Organization (VLE)


VLE, a proactive NGO, envisions new students, new Africa, new World who build the bedrock of sustainable peace, solid democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law. The goal of VLE is to foster democratic values, skills and attitudes of young citizens that are fundamental to shape election outcomes and equitable, participatory, inclusive and well informed democracy in Ethiopia.

The objectives are to nurture civic minded students who mount up their democratic values and significant participation in electoral processes in primary schools, and to advance female students in leadership, meaningful participation and decision making towards student’s governance in primary schools.




Executive Manager at Vote Le Ethiopiaye


Father of two daughter called “Madot” and Maramawit”, one of his daughter’s aspiration to be a prime minister initiated Simon to found “Vote Le Ethiopiaye charitable organization (VLE)” and he is working as an Executive Manager. He studied Economics (BA) and Accounting (Post graduate Diploma) and received two copyrights certificate from Ethiopian Intellectual Property on creative literacy works. He has 20+ years of experience. VLE envisions new students, new Africa, new World who build the bedrock of sustainable peace, solid democracy, respect the human rights and the rule of law. It is a member of IGAD CSOs Hub and CCRDA.


Discussants are invited to take part in the Labs in order to share their experience with the presented democratic initiatives and try to bring broader perspectives to the following discussions.

LE COZ Armel

Armel LE COZ

Co-founder and coordinator of the NGO "Démocratie Ouverte"


Armel Le Coz currently animates a democratic innovators community and manages political experimentations through our NGO lab. After an Industrial Design Degree and an Innovation Management Master successfully passed in France, he worked as a consulting designer for large companies, local authorities or non-profit organizations. Then, he co-founded the NGO "Démocratie Ouverte" to connect and empower OpenGovernment Stakeholders, CivicTech and creative innovators acting on democratic issues. He co-designed "Parlement & Citoyens" a French CivicTech for citizens and member of parliament to write laws together. His projects are built around a simple idea: to design innovation for a better world. He is convinced that it's during crisis periods that the society needs to innovate the most. He is always seeking for new experiences with teams dedicated to innovation policy, design exploration, idea generation and new concepts building.



Participant in “Generation Democracy”, Democracy Innovation Award winner of 2014


After graduating from the Department of Philosophy at Hacettepe University in 2005, Özge Zencir Akçakmak worked as a philosophy teacher and educational consultant in various institutions. She has been teaching philosophy, sociology, psychology and logic at İzmir Torbalı Piri Reis Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School for 11 years. In addition, she has been the coordinator of international projects carried out in her school since 2013. In particular, she carries out studies in the fields of democracy and human rights education, increasing the quality of education of disadvantaged groups, combating cyberbullying and the effective use of artificial intelligence in education.



Deputy Mayor of Strasbourg in charge of local democracy, citizen initiatives and participation and European citizenship


Carole Zielinski arrived in Strasbourg in 2016 as part of her studies. She holds a Master 1 in Public Law and Private Law and a Master 2 in Political Science: Health, Environment, Politics. The subject of her dissertation was: "Building a public problem of environmental health at the local level. The example of air pollution in the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg". Then, she did a civic service at ATMO Grand Est where she raised awareness on air quality among young people. After extending her experience at ATMO Grand Est as an air-climate-energy researcher, she now devotes herself fully to her mandates as Deputy Mayor in charge of local democracy, initiatives and citizen participation, European citizenship, Eurometropolitan Councillor and co-president of the Ecologist and Citizen Eurometropolis group.