9 November 2021, 11.30-13.00 - Room 6 – Palais de l’Europe

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“Nothing about us without us” has become a powerful motto for youth movements, and in the context of climate crisis this message speaks volumes. One of the recent global surveys showed that 60% of young people feel worried about climate change, but only 31% believe that governments can be trusted to deal with its emergency.

It is therefore not surprising that children and young people on every continent are taking leadership of climate activism. Contrary to popular belief, youth climate activism happens not only in the streets. Many young people also engage in political decision-making on local, national and international levels, proving their competence and capacity to foster change. During the discussion, young climate action leaders will share their perspectives on the challenges and obstacles they still face when fighting for a more sustainable and just future for all.

Forum Talk 4 - Youth climate activism

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Room 6 – Palais de l’Europe 9 November 2021, 11.30-13.00
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Council of Europe Advisory Council on Youth

Pegah is a human rights activist based in Europe, mostly focusing on the impact of environmental degradation towards young people and their access to their human rights. She started her work from the age of 11 and since then has worked towards voicing the concerns of young people to decision making bodies, including local, national and regional institutions. She is currently the Co-Chairperson of Programming Committee on Youth [PC], an intergovernmental body within the Youth Department of Council of Europe which establishes and monitors the programmes of European Youth Foundation and European youth Centres in Budapest and Strasbourg.

video message
BORG Simone

Simone BORG

Ambassador for Climate Action


Professor Simone Borg LL.D, LL.M. (Int law), Ph.D (IMLI) is Malta’s Ambassador for Climate Action and chairs the Climate Action Board. Prof Borg is a resident academic at the University of Malta, where she heads the Department of Environmental and Resources law and is also a lecturer in International law at the Faculty of Laws. She is the director for the International Master of Arts Programme on Ocean Governance and chairs the Institute for Climate Change and Sustainable Development. She is a visiting lecturer at the IMO International Maritime Law Institute and has lectured at various Universities abroad. Simone Borg is currently chairing the Steering Committee for Malta’s National Post COVID Strategy.



Climate activist


Linus Dolder  is a 18 years old climate activist from Switzerland, living in Germany. In 2018, he co-founded Climatestrike Switzerland. Since then, Linus  helped to build international structures, connecting people from all parts of the world in their  struggle for climate action. He helped organise global climate strikes as the 20st of September 2019, where over 10 million people all across the world took to the streets. Most of his work has been around communication and movement strategy. Doing that, Linus realised how the lack of youth participation in democracy keeps us from tackling the climate crisis.


Climate Activist, Youth for Climate



Chiziterem Precious ONYENEKWE

Human Centred Designer and entertainer


I am a Human Centred Designer and entertainer who has reluctantly entered the democracy space due to the dearth of it in my country. Starting from the discussions I participate in at the European Forum Alpbach to the World Forum for Democracy, I am quite unconsciously drawn by the need for more inclusion, information and innovation in Democracy particularly with a perspective from lower socioeconomic/underrepresented groups summing up to the actual implementation of strategies especially in the environmental urgency of our shared planet. Therefore, I joined the WFD to contribute, exchange ideas and experiences, in the hope of bringing the idea of an inclusive sustainable future to fruition.



International expert on child participation and safeguarding


Tinna Rós Steinsdóttir is an expert in child safeguarding and participation with over 15 years of experience. She works as a specialist in child participation and safeguarding with the Ombudsperson for Children in Iceland but has previously worked with UNICEF’s world office, the Council of Europe, Eurochild, and the YMCA globally. Tinna has done child participation and safeguarding work with numerous NGOs, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, and UNICEF National Committees from around the world. She has vast experience in training and facilitation, has extensive hands-on experience on working with children, and is an experienced speaker.


Commissioner for the Protection of Equality


Congress Youth Delegates


Youth delegate, The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe




Youth delegate, The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe


Adel Ramdani is a youth delegate from Belgium at the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities at the Council of Europe. He studied Political Science, International Relations and Human Rights in seven universities across three continents. He holds a bachelor degree from the University of Brussels (ULB), and spent one year as an Erasmus student at Uppsala University (Sweden). Adel then integrated the Global Studies Programme and spent each semester studying abroad in Germany, South Africa and Thailand. In 2019, he received a scholarship from the European Union to carry field research in Beirut (Lebanon) and Rabat (Morocco) where he dedicated his work on sustainable food production, sustainable agriculture and urban farming. In 2020, Adel was appointed by Young European Leadership to be part of the EU Delegation to the G7. In 2021, he is a delegate at the Pre-COP26 taking place in Milan to represent the youth in light of the COP26 in Glasgow
VEEVO Susanna

Susanna VEEVO

Youth delegate, The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe


Susanna Veevo is an advocacy specialist at the Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation, with main areas of work being development cooperation policy analysis and carrying out advocacy activities at the national level and in European Union institutions. She focuses on the sustainability aspect in both democratic participation and environmental policies in partnering countries (mainly Easter Partnership, Middle Eastern and Sub-Saharan Africa regions). Her experience in the field is intertwined with the Sustainable Development Goals and Development Cooperation. Susanna's main competencies lie in development finance (including fostering good governance, democratic practices and more than ever, climate finance) and policy coherence, which are closely linked with community engagement, migration policies and human rights.



Master's student in international relations, Sciences PO, Strasbourg, France