June's Forum talk

FRIDAY, 25 JUNE 2021, 4.30-6.00 P.M. CET

co-organised with the Council of Europe's Advisory Council on Youth

The fight against climate change is a top priority of young people in Europe and in countries located in other regions of the world. Increasing numbers of young people are taking an active stand to influence political decision-making in favour of a healthy environment for all. Never before have this many children and young people seen themselves as powerful actors of change who are willing and able to participate in the shaping of democracy.

Increasingly, the right to a healthy environment is seen as a human rights issue most dramatically impacting children and youth. Youth climate activism, however, is also a direct example of the opportunity for increasing citizen participation in agenda setting and decision making processes. Young people consistently demonstrate creative and forward-looking methods of expressing the political will for climate action, but how can our governmental and institutional systems ensure these expressions are being heard and reflected in policies and actions?

Join us on Friday the 25th to discuss how we can ensure full participation for young people in decision making processes. Its important because our climate is our future.

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