Note: On 22 November at 9h30, on the occasion of the 73rd meeting of the PC-OC,  there will be a ceremony for the opening of signature of the Protocol amending the Additional Protocol to the Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons in the Lobby of the Chamber at the Palais de l’Europe.

Draft Agenda

Palais de l’Europe, Room 10, Strasbourg

20-22 November 2017


PC-OC (2017)07:
Draft Annotated Agenda

1. Opening of the meeting and adoption of the  agenda


2. Points for information of relevance to the work of the PC-OC

a.         Activities of the CDPC and CODEXTER

b.         Co-operation with the HELP Programme: online course on ICCM

c.         Co-operation with the Pompidou Group on controlled deliveries

d.         Activities of the Cybercrime Convention Committee( T-CY)

e.         Bilateral Treaties

f.          Recent signatures and ratifications

g.         Other


3. Presentation and content of the PC-OC website 


a.         Country information and contact points


b.         Update of the index and summaries of relevant case law of the ECtHR


4. Implementation of the Action Plan on Transnational Organised Crime (TOC)

PC-OC (2017)08Bil:
Draft letter

a.        Presentation of the work of the PC-OC working groups to identify declarations or reservations to Council of Europe treaties within the remit of the PC-OC that are out-dated or create obstacles for co-operation in the fight against TOC.
Consideration of the draft letter to PC-OC experts to invite their authorities to consider updating or withdrawing such declarations or reservations. 


b.       Consideration of the proposal to prepare a binding instrument as regards international co-operation on the management, the recovery and sharing of assets [in consultation with the COP 198]



c.         Preparation of the meeting to promote the interconnection of existing judicial and police networks


d.         Other


5. Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters



a.         Examination of the replies to the questionnaire on the application of the  Second Additional Protocol  to the Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters (Follow up to the Special Session held at the 71st meeting of the PC-OC) and proposals for follow up    




b.        Discussion on MLA for the purpose of proceedings against legal entities


c.         Other


6. Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons

Rec N° (84)11

Rec N° (88)13

Rec N° (92)18

a.         Discussion on possibilities to draft new guidelines on the transfer of sentenced persons, including an update of existing recommendations and proposals for follow up




Iberred Powerpoint

b.         Discussion on the possible establishment of an E-transfer tool, taking into account projects by Interpol and Iberred related to electronic transmission of requests and proposals for follow-up


c.         Other


7. European Convention on Extradition


a         Discussion on Measures of restriction in extradition cases: the use of alternatives to detention

Petruhhin judgment of the CJEU

Schotthöfer Order

b.         Possible consequences of the Petruhhin and related judgments of the CJEU

PACE Resolution 2161 (2017) Abusive recourse to the Interpol system: the need for more stringent legal safeguards

Report | Doc. 14277 | 29 March 2017 Abusive use of the Interpol system: the need for more stringent legal safeguards

c.         The role of Interpol in extradition cases: Exchange of views with a representative from Interpol


d.         The impact of prison conditions on extradition.
Information by the Secretariat on actions undertaken  to improve prison conditions and reduce overcrowding


e.        Discussion on the proposal to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Convention with a special session


f.         Other


8. Elections


a.        Election of the Chair and Vice-Chair


b.        Election of a rapporteur in respect of the Convention on Laundering, Search and Confiscation of Proceeds of Crime (ETS No. 141)


9. Dates of meetings in 2018


10. Any other business

Background documents



List of decisions of the 72nd meeting of the PC-OC


List of decisions of the 24th meeting of the PC-OC Mod

CDPC (2017)8

List of decisions of the 72nd meeting of the CDPC

CDPC-BU (2017)4

List of decisions of the CDPC Bureau


Terms of Reference of the PC-OC


Resolution CM/Res(2011)24 on intergovernmental committees and subordinate bodies, their terms of reference and working methods

CDPC (2015) 17Fin

Council of Europe Action Plan on Combating Transnational Organised Crime (2016-2020)


Draft work plan of the Action Plan on TOC: Possible Activities to be implemented by the PC-OC


Replies to the questionnaire on the use and efficiency of CoE instruments as regards international co-operation in the field of seizure and confiscation of proceeds of crime


Special Session on the Second Additional Protocol to the Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters


Special session on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons

PC-OC(2013)10ADD- rev2

Summary of replies received to the questionnaire on the implementation of  the  Convention  on  the  transfer  of  sentenced  persons  and  its  Additional Protocol


Overview of possible binding and non-binding measures to improve the functioning of the Convention on the transfer of sentenced persons and its additional Protocol. Note by the Secretariat