46 Member States - 700 million citizens


To promote democracy, human rights and the rule of law across Europe and beyond

 Top priority

To support Ukraine against Russia’s aggression and help ensure accountability and justice

 What we do

Set standards, monitor compliance and work with states to:

  • Fight violence against women, child sexual abuse, corruption, cybercrime, discrimination, racism, human trafficking, money laundering, organ trafficking, terrorism and torture
  • Protect freedom of speech, media freedom, free elections, privacy, personal data, social rights, national minorities and minority languages
  • Promote democratic citizenship, human rights education, youth participation, integrity in sport, culture and Europe’s cultural and natural heritage
  • Support civil society
  • Tackle future challenges, such as artificial intelligence, bioethics and the environment

 Main entities

Secretary General

  • Leads the Organisation, providing strategic management

Committee of Ministers

  • Main decision-making body, representing member states

Parliamentary Assembly

  • Democratic forum for monitoring and debate among national parliamentarians

Congress of Local and Regional Authorities

  • Strengthens local and regional democracy

European Court of Human Rights

  • Rules on individual or State applications

Commissioner for Human Rights

  • Promotes respect for human rights in member states

Monitoring and advisory bodies

  • Advise member states and check they are respecting their commitments