A rainbow full of rights!


Human rights are everyone's rights - no matter how you look or how you live your life.

But it often doesn’t feel like that for homosexual, lesbian, bi-sexual, trans and other people who express their sexual orientation and gender identity differently from the majority and studies show it is far from reality.

Together we’ve taken positive steps, but much more needs to be done to create equality for LGBTI Europeans... Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Intersex.

In 2010, the Council of Europe adopted the first international standard to advance their rights.


Council of Europe member states - how are they doing?

Ending discrimination

have laws against discrimination

have taken steps to identify, protect and support vulnerable people affected by multiple discrimination

Stopping violence

have pledged effective investigation into hate crimes

are making sure witnesses are encouraged to report

Helping young people

uphold the right to education in an environment free from violence based on sexual orientation or gender identity

include LGBTI issues on the school curriculum

have school equality policies

Protecting couples and families

of Council of Europe member states allow same sex and transgender people to marry

have granted the same legal rights and obligations to same sex couples as different sex couples

have banned discrimination in parenting and adopting children

have banned discrimination in access to assisted reproduction

Transgender rights

have taken steps to protect transgender individuals

cover the cost of gender reassignment through the social insurance system

protect the right of transgender people to marry

Safety for asylum seekers and refugees

grant refugee or asylum status to people exposed to persecution in their home country

refuse to send asylum seekers to a country where they would risk their lives or freedom because of persecution

DISCLAIMER: These percentages correspond to 42 answers received on 47 surveys sent to Council of Europe member states in 2018. The data shown only refers to states that replied a categorical Yes. Responses referring to partial implementation are not reflected.

Unrecognised rights - bringing them out into the open and making them work!

 Every day, in every aspect of our work, we are fighting to stop discrimination.

 We are fighting for the right to legal recognition of gender.

 We are fighting for the right to enjoy family life.

 We are fighting for the right to live life free from violence.

 We are fighting against hate speech.

 We’re checking the way countries are acting through the work of our European Commission against Racism and Intolerance. The European Human Rights Commissioners have led the way in highlighting discrimination and continue to fight for LGBTI rights.

How one man’s struggle overturned the law against homosexuality in his country.

We believe not only that human rights are for everyone, but that our differences make us richer. That's why, every year, we welcome the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, celebrating the many steps towards true equality throughout Europe.

How much do you know about LGBTI rights

 Come out for human rights!
Join us in creating equal opportunities for LGBTI Europeans!