All members are invited to one or several specific group spaces around a training activity or around another project of collaborative work. These spaces are open only to the members of the specific group. At the same time, they can use all the features for sharing and interacting the platform offers: personal space, blogs, photo and video section, chat, library, etc. They can also make use of the resources available and participate in the activities organised in the public space: reception, coffee shop, topical groups, virtual meetings, etc.

The CoPP seeks to promote community building, collaborative knowledge construction, individual learning and learning together.

Community building
  • develop a community model for supporting learning
  • promote learner engagement with our members and in educational settings in Europe and elsewhere
  • create learner-centred, pro-motive interaction with the participants
  • create the feeling of belonging among the members of the community
Knowledge construction
  • promote the notion of knowledge as always “in the making” and not as an end product
  • be aware of how we create knowledge and be prepared to question our own knowledge and views
  • create knowledge through interaction and cooperation
  • learn through experience
  • promote self-directed learning
  • develop both reflective and critical participatory practice
Learning together
  • share knowledge and to share our stories
  • share experiences and search for a possible ways to deal with common issues
  • pool resources
  • take advantage of workplace learning for professional development

The Secretariat and a group of CoPP stewards coordinated by a lead steward ensure the moderation of the platform:

  • The Secretariat provides orientation and leadership as well as the platform and technological support
  • The lead CoPP steward is the link between the Secretariat and the CoP steward group, coordinates the work of the stewards, leads and coaches and trains the group, and reports on the outcomes.
  • Together with the CoPP stewards they are the human presence at the core of our community of practice; they are welcomers, interactors, connectors, integrators, stimulators, drivers and coaches. In particular they lead dialogues, help move forward and participate in activities and projects as well as in the coordination of the work.


The Pestalozzi Programme was the Council of Europe's programme for the professional development of teachers until the end of 2017.