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The Pestalozzi Programme is the Council of Europe's training and capacity building programme for education professionals*.

The programme is conceived as a means of recognising the importance of education and teacher education in particular in supporting, trainers, teachers and other educational actors in their role as professionals in the heterogeneous and multicultural societies in which we live. Through the opportunities it provides to bring teachers together to work collaboratively on projects of shared thematic and pedagogic interest it contributes to a strengthening of personal and professional relationships across the continent as well as to an increased awareness of the key role of education in promoting respect of human rights, democracy and rule of law.

It offers European Workshops organised in the Member States, Summer Schools organised at the Academy of Bad Wildbad and European Modules for trainer training. The programme, building as it does on the long tradition of teacher training bursaries at the Council of Europe, has been developed to respond to the challenges of the Third Summit of Heads of State and Government of 2005. At this summit leaders called for a concerted effort by the Council of Europe to ensure that its values of respect of human rights, democracy and rule of law are placed at the centre of our education systems. They emphasised the key role of teacher education in this process.

The Pestalozzi Programme supports a Community of Practice of education professionals around the values and principles of the Council of Europe and offers a moderated space for continued exchange, mutual support and development of education professionals across Europe. All education professionals who participate in the training activities of the programme are invited to join and use this space. Sharing thoughts, ideas, experiences and resources as well as mutual support and the co-development of answers to issues of educational practice are at the heart of this Community of Practice(CdP).

What does the Pestalozzi Programme do ?
  • trains education professionals to become multipliers for Council of Europe values
  • develops the necessary transversal attitudes, skills and knowledge for sustainable democratic societies
  • promotes and models an appropriate and effective pedagogy
  • initiates, follows up and monitors a cascading process on the national level
  • networks education professionals - as a key profession - across Europe into a community of practice around the principles and values of the Council of Europe

* from the states signatory to the European Cultural Convention


Programme is the
Council of Europe's programme for the
professional development
of teachers and
education actors.