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    Status regarding Budapest Convention

Status regarding Budapest Convention

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Cybercrime policies/strategies

The National Cybercrime Action Plan (NCAP) sets out the Singaporean Government’s key principles and priorities in combating cybercrime. The Plan also details the Government’s ongoing efforts, as well as future plans, to effectively deal with cybercrime.

Four key principles underpin the Government’s strategies to ensure a safe and secure online environment for Singapore:

a. Prevention is key;

b. Agile responses are needed to combat the evolving threat of cybercrime;

c. Singapore’s criminal justice system must be robust and supported by effective laws;

d. Combating cybercrime is a shared responsibility.

The NCAP identifies also four key priorities that are:

a. Educating and empowering the public to stay safe in cyberspace;

b. Enhancing the Government’s capacity and capability to combat cybercrime;

c. Strengthening legislation and the criminal justice framework;

d. Stepping up partnership and international engagement.

Specialised institutions

  • The Ministry of Home Affair is the authority responsible for responsible for taking pre emptive measures to prevent cybersecurity threats and directing entities for the same purpose (Section 15A of the CMCA).
  • Cyber Security Agency of Singapore
  • Singapore Police Force Cybercrime Command
  • Centre for Cyber Security Studies

Jurisprudence/case law

  • Public Prosecutor v. Muhammad Nuzaihan bin Kamal Luddin
  • Public Prosecutor v. Fernando Payagala Waduge Malitha Kumar
  • Public Prosecutor v. Navaseelan Balasingam
  • Navaseelan Balasingam v. Public Prosecutor
  • Lim Siong Khee v. Public Prosecutor
  • Public Prosecutor v. Ai Takagi & Yang Kaiheng
  • Public Prosecutor v. Lim Jun Quan
  • Public Prosecutor v. Lai Zhi Heng
  • Wee Shuo Woon v. HT S.R.L

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