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    Status regarding Budapest Convention

Status regarding Budapest Convention

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Cybercrime policies/strategies

The Kingdom of Bahrain published a National Cybersecurity Strategy in 2017, which addressed the threats, including cybercrime, which threaten the country’s interests in cyberspace. The strategy also announced the creation of a National Cybersecurity Committee. A new National Cybersecurity Strategy is being discussed.

Specialised institutions

The Cyber Crime Directorate under The General Directorate of Anti-corruption and Economic and Electronic Security of the Ministry of Interior Affairs is responsible for investigating and reporting on cybercrime.

A National Cyber Security Center was established by Royal Decree No. (65) of 2017. It is notably in charge of providing consultation in the fields of cyber policies, cybersecurity, and security system development.

Bahrain has an officially recognized CERT ( mandated by Bahrain’s Supreme Council for Information and Communication Technology through Resolution No. 37-2/2013. However, is currently under formation.

Jurisprudence/case law

Sources and links

General Directorate of Anti-corruption and Economic and Electronic Security

National Cyber Security Center

National Cybersecurity Strategy (2017)

Constitution of Bahrain (2002) which contains provisions on data protection and privacy [unofficial translation]

Law No. 30 of 2018 regarding Issuing the Protecting Personal Data law [unofficial translation]

Decree/Law No. (54) for the year 2018 for Issuance of Letters and Electronic Transactions

Decree of the Prime Minister No. 36 2018 regulating the technical requirements for sending, receiving and updating the electronic records and signatures of the public bodies

Law No. 2 of 2017 for Ratifying the Arab Agreement in Combating IT Crimes

Law No. 16 of 2014 regarding the Protection of Information and State Documents [only in Arabic]

Law No. 16 concerning the Protection of State Information and Documents (2014)

Law No. 60 concerning Information Technology Crimes (2014) [only in Arabic] [unofficial translation]

Law No. 28 concerning Electronic Transactions (2002) [unofficial translation]

Law No. 48 concerning Telecommunications (2002) [unofficial translation]

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