Afua Brown-Eyeson
Afua Brown-Eyeson Head, Child Online Protection of the Cyber Security Authority, Ghana 
Alberto Menghini
Alberto Menghini Head of Cooperation, Delegation of the European Union to Costa Rica
Alexander Seger
Alexander Seger Executive Secretary of the Cybercrime Convention Committee in Strasbourg and Head of the Cybercrime Programme Office of the Council of Europe
Ana Gogovska Jakimovska
Ana Gogovska Jakimovska Public Prosecutor’s Office, North Macedonia
Ana Maria Pinilla Moron
Ana Maria Pinilla Moron Crime Prevention Coordination, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Colombia
Andrea Martin-Swaby
Andrea Martin-Swaby Senior Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Unit Head, Cybercrime & Digital Forensics Unit, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Jamaica
Artur Degtariov
Artur Degtariov National Inspectorate of Investigations, Republic of Moldova
Aurora Fagan
Aurora Fagan Assistant United States Attorney, Southern District of Florida and National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team
Betty Shave
Betty Shave Former Assistant Deputy Chief for International Computer Crime, Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, US Department of Justice
Carolina Delgado Ramirez
Carolina Delgado Ramirez President of the Permanent Special Commission for Women of the National Assembly of Costa Rica
Caroline Bettinger-Lopez
Caroline Bettinger-Lopez Senior Advisor on Gender & Equality, Office for Victims of Crime, US Department of Justice
Christina Schulman
Christina Schulman Chair of the Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY), Council of Europe
Denisa Asko
Denisa Asko Public Prosecutor’s Office, Albania
Dong Uk Kim
Dong Uk Kim Specialised Officer, Cybercrime Directorate, INTERPOL
Dr Carina Kabajunga
Dr Carina Kabajunga Head Information and Technology Section, Commonwealth Secretariat
Edwige Tangni
Edwige Tangni Prosecutor at the Tribunal and former member of the special prosecutor's office of the court for the repression of economic offenses and terrorism (CRIET), Benin
Elsa Encarnacion
Elsa Encarnacion Defense CSIRT Director @C5i, Ministry of Defense, Member of the National Cybersecurity Center Technical Committee, Dominican Republic
Eneli Laurits
Eneli Laurits Prosecutor, Northern District Prosecutor's Office of Estonia
Esther Agelan
Esther Agelan Board Member, International Association of Women Judges
Esther George
Esther George International Association of Prosecutors
Eugenia Salazar Elizondo
Eugenia Salazar Elizondo Deputy Prosecutor II of the Public Ministry
Fatai Samani
Fatai Samani Crown Counsel, Attorney General’s Office, Tonga
Fatou Aïcha Cisse
Fatou Aïcha Cisse Magistrate, Senegal
Floor Jansen
Floor Jansen National High Tech Crime Unit, Dutch Police
Gloria Navas Montero
Gloria Navas Montero Vice-President of the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica
Hon. Catherine Tarawally
Hon. Catherine Tarawally Member of Parliament, Sierra Leone
Hon. Davis Ansah Opoku
Hon. Davis Ansah Opoku Member of Parliament for the Mpraeso Constituency in the Eastern Region of Ghana
Hon. Hania El Helweh
Hon. Hania El Helweh Judge, President of the First Instance Court, North of Lebanon
Hon. Justice Sidi Jobarteh
Hon. Justice Sidi Jobarteh Judiciary of The Gambia
Hon. Karuna Gunesh-Balaghee
Hon. Karuna Gunesh-Balaghee Justice, Mauritius Supreme Court
Hon. Natalia Marcela Molina
Hon. Natalia Marcela Molina Judge, Argentina
Hon. Romel Springer
Hon. Romel Springer MP, Barbados
Irene Cena
Irene Cena Police Lieutenant Colonel and Acting Chief, Women and Children Cybercrime Protection Unit, Anti-Cybercrime Group, Philippine National Police
Iris Luarasi
Iris Luarasi President Group of Experts on Action against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (GREVIO), Council of Europe
Ivonne Daza
Ivonne Daza Regional Coordinator for Central and South America, International Association of Women Police
Jacqueline De Lange
Jacqueline De Lange Assistant Director Cybercrime Directorate, Cybercrime Threat, Response, INTERPOL
Jessica Nankunda
Jessica Nankunda Rwanda Investigation Bureau
Jessica Neilson
Jessica Neilson Leading Senior Constable, Cybercrime Operations, Australian Federal Police
Katie James
Katie James Central America Cyber Lead, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, UK
Katya Vera
Katya Vera Gender Consultant, OAS/CICTE Cybersecurity Program
Khursheed Rossenkhan
Khursheed Rossenkhan Deputy Secretary for Legal Drafting, Attorney General’s Chambers, Botswana
Layla Ezzouine
Layla Ezzouine Head of Department for combatting crimes, Morocco
Liina Areng
Liina Areng Regional Program Lead, EU CyberNet
Lolita Lomanta
Lolita Lomanta Senior Assistant Provincial Prosecutor, Philippines
Magda Priscila Trindade Segui
Magda Priscila Trindade Segui Department of Computer Crimes of the General Directorate for the Fight against Organized Crime and Interpol Principal Officer, Ministry of Interior, Uruguay
Mariam Salukvadze
Mariam Salukvadze Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and Tamar Bezhuashvili, Office of the Prosecutor General of Georgia
Maruquel Castroverde
Maruquel Castroverde Panama
Melissa Alcantara
Melissa Alcantara Coordinator, Dominican Republic national CSIRT
Miriam Bahamonde Blanco
Miriam Bahamonde Blanco Senior Prosecutor, Spain
Ms Wilhelmina Jorge-Wagan
Ms Wilhelmina Jorge-Wagan Presiding Judge, Regional Trial Court, Pasay City, Philippines
Nataliya Tkachuk
Nataliya Tkachuk Head of the Information and Cyber Security Directorate at the Office of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine
Nayelly Loya
Nayelly Loya Head of UNODC Global Programme on Cybercrime
Nnenna Ifeanyi-Ajufo
Nnenna Ifeanyi-Ajufo Vice-Chair of the African Union Cybersecurity Experts Group
Patrick Segsworth
Patrick Segsworth Deputy Director of the Anti-Crime Capacity Building Program at Global Affairs, Canada
Pelenita Atoa
Pelenita Atoa Acting Director for Tonga Computer Emergency Response Team
Peter Barcroft
Peter Barcroft Senior Director, International Peace and Security Program, Parliamentarians for Global Action
Ranjani Padmanabhan
Ranjani Padmanabhan Principal Federal Prosecutor, Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, Australia
Raoul Notté
Raoul Notté Experto principal, estudio cartográfico del CdE sobre las víctimas de la ciberdelincuencia
Rosemary Butare
Rosemary Butare Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority
Selene Giupponi
Selene Giupponi Women4Cyber Foundation
Sharon Rodriguez Segura
Sharon Rodriguez Segura Prosecutor, Unit for Capacity Building and Supervision, Public Ministry, Costa Rica
Shqipe Salihu
Shqipe Salihu Kosovo* Police
Suharshie Herath
Suharshie Herath Deputy Solicitor General, Attorney General's Department, Sri Lanka
Yevheniia Volivnyk
Yevheniia Volivnyk Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine CERT-UA, State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine


International Conference

Promoting the role of women in preventing, investigating and prosecuting cybercrime
10 - 11 November 2022