The fifth article from a series of storytelling materials to raise awareness on discrimination issues in the Republic of Moldova is online

21/01/2022 Republic of Moldova

A new storytelling article tackling hate speech and discrimination against persons with disabilities in the Republic of Moldova, is now available online. This is the fifth from a series of six web articles developed by the journalistic platform "Oameni și Kilometri", in the framework of the...

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Advancing the counternarratives on hate speech with Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans equality bodies


The representatives from the network of equality bodies engaged on combating hate speech in the Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans region held their conclusive meeting online on 17 January 2022. They tackled the work and the key results during a year long of modules to improve the response...

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Call for consultants on access to justice for victims of discrimination, hate speech and hate crimes in Ukraine

20/01/2022 Strasbourg, France

The Council of Europe is currently implementing a project on strengthening access to justice for victims of discrimination, hate speech and hate crimes in the Eastern Partnership countries. In that context, it is looking for consultants on access to justice for victims of discrimination, hate...

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Launch of the report “Systemic mapping of national responses to hate speech in Ukraine”

11/01/2022 Kyiv, Ukraine

What is the impact of hate speech on the society, what challenges it poses and how can they be effectively addressed? What means of redress, tools and actions are available to victims in Ukraine? What is the role played by different state and civil society actors in addressing hate speech? These...

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Training course on using tools for developing human rights narratives to counter hate speech

8-12 December 2021 ITALY

The residential “Training course on using tools for developing human rights narratives to counter hate speech” organised by APICE was held from 8 to 12 December in Casapesenna - Italy. The course brought together members of the Activist Group of the No Hate Speech Movement Italy together with...

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Albanian State Police, an ally in the fight against hate speech and hate crimes

22/12/2021 Tirana, Albania

The Albanian State Police is in the front line of preventing and combating hate crimes towards LGBTI people, supporting the victims, investigating and recording these acts. To assist this process important stakeholders in the field of anti-discrimination, hate speech and hate crimes including the...

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Authorities of Serbia kick-start the process of preparation of the new Action Plan on National Minorities

23/12/2021 BELGRADE, Serbia

The Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue convened the first meeting of the Special Working Group to draft an Action Plan for the Exercise of the Rights of National Minorities on 20 December 2021. In its opening speech, Nadia Cuk, Deputy Head of the Council of Europe Office...

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Promoting Yezidi girls’ and women’s right to education in Armenia

21/12/2021 Armenia

Yezidi girls and women constitute the most vulnerable segment of this group in Armenia and usually they do not continue education after completing secondary education. "Armavir Development Center" NGO from Armenia, based in the city of Armavir where a large Yazidi community lives, is implementing...

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22 judges from the Republic of Moldova have completed a training course on combating hate speech

21/12/2021 Republic of Moldova

Between October-December 2021, a tutored course on hate speech for judges using the HELP platform, adapted to the Moldovan context and legislative framework, has been carried out in the Republic of Moldova. The activity was implemented in the framework of the regional project “Strengthening...

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Challenging stereotypes against disabled people through empowerment in Armenia

21/12/2021 Armenia

Over the period of December 2021- April 2022, the NGO Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities (EREO) from Armenia will run a project with the aim of combating discrimination against people with disabilities by promoting the rights and ensuring their inclusion in the Lori region of Armenia. This project...

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