• Strengthening the capacity of national and local stakeholders to better address issues related to anti-discrimination, combating hate speech and protecting rights of LGBTI persons in line with the standards and recommendations set by the Council of Europe – especially those of the European Commission on Racism and Intolerance (ECRI)
  • Supporting Montenegro’s accession negotiations with the European Union in the field of fundamental rights 
  • Legal and strategic support to institutions
  • Capacity building activities
  • Peer-to-peer exchanges with regional and European partners
  • Awareness raising campaigns and public discussions on selected anti-discrimination topics
  • Support to civil society organisations and municipalities by small grant schemes, to enhance their capacities to tackle discrimination and reach out to the people
expected results
  • Record of implementation of anti-discrimination policies and legislation, at the central and local level (especially on protection of the rights of LGBTI persons, and on combating hate speech/hate crime) is improved
  • Contribution to achieve better protection of human rights for the citizens of Montenegro and to build a more diverse, equal and tolerant society

The Draft Law on Civil Partnerships is a compromise between the needs of the LGBTI community, Montenegro's international obligations and social reality, and its adoption by the state would unequivocally uphold the principles of universality and indivisibility of human rights. This was highlighted at a consultative session on the Draft Law on Civil Partnerships, organised by the Council of Europe Programme Office in Podgorica and the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro, in partnership with the Committee on Human Rights and Freedoms of the Parliament of Montenegro.

project at a glance

Duration: 43 months (May 2019 to December 2022)

Beneficiaries :

► Citizens of Montenegro

► National and local authorities

► Education professionals
► Sport workers  

LGBTI population, and other vulnerable social groups

► Civil society organisations engaged in promoting and protecting human rights

Funding: The European Union and the Council of Europe

Budget: 330 000 Euros

project team

Ninoslav Mladenovic, Senior Project Officer, Belgrade

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