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Information about judgments of the European Court of Human Rights

The summary texts on this site are simplified accounts of judgments by the European court, produced by the Council of Europe’s Directorate of Communication. The texts have not been issued by the European Court of Human Rights and do not bind the court. For the court’s full judgments, please follow the links at the bottom of each case summary.


Information about reforms made by member states

The influence that legal proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights have on national reforms varies from case to case.

Some of the reforms described on the site have resulted directly from litigation before the Strasbourg court.

However, other reforms have taken place in the context of wider developments in the country concerned – meaning that legal proceedings at the European court may have been one of a number of contributory factors.

The timing of reforms also varies depending on the case. Many reforms have been introduced after a judgment from the Strasbourg court. However, others have occurred after a member state has been notified of an application to the court, but before there has been a judgment.

The descriptions of reforms which have been carried out are based primarily on reports submitted by the governments of the member states concerned.



The texts on this website were originally written in English and were later translated into one or more languages. This may have resulted in unintentional errors, which will be rectified as soon as the organisation is made aware of them.



The information on this website is drawn from the publicly-available resources of the Council of Europe, including the European Court of Human Rights, the Committee of Ministers and the Department for the Execution of Judgments.

We apologise for any inaccuracies in the material, which we will seek to rectify as soon as we are made aware of them.


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