Seminar and Workshops on “Interactive methods for promoting intercultural dialogue in teaching and learning history”
Nicosia, Cyprus, 1-2 December 2006

Workshops on “The use of historical sources in teaching cultural and social history of Cyprus”
Nicosia, Cyprus 9-10 June 2006


Workshops on “The use of sources in teaching and learning history”
Nicosia, 12-13 November 2005
The report "The use of sources in teaching and learning history" summarises both seminars in November 2005 and June 2006

Meeting of experts to discuss the preparation of a pedagogical set of materials on common themes to be used when teaching history in schools in Cyprus
Nicosia, 3-4 Juin 2005


Workshops on “New approaches to teaching history: multiperspectivity”
Nicosia, Cyprus, 26 – 27 November 2004

Seminar on “History textbooks and teaching materials: their use in the classroom”
Nicosia, Cyprus, 25 November 2004

Seminar on “Multiperspectivity in history teaching”
Nicosia, Cyprus, 24 November 2004

Seminar on “The Council of Europe and History Education”
Nicosia, Cyprus, 10 – 11 June 2004

The document "Reports of the activities of the Council of Europe in History Teaching in Cyprus in 2004" summarizes the conclusions of all the 2004 workshops.