History and history teaching have been a focus for the Council of Europe’s work on education since its inception.

From the start and as stated in the European Cultural Convention, the organisation recognised the importance of history as a basis for the education of the citizens of Europe and its role in bridging differences and bringing people together by establishing mutual understanding and confidence between the peoples of Europe. Read more >>

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History Education in the Digital Age

Brussels, Belgium Conference

Quality history education in the 21st century

Principles and guidelines


History education has an important role to play in confronting the current political, cultural and social challenges facing Europe; in particular, those posed by the increasingly diverse nature of societies, the integration of migrants and refugees into Europe, and by attacks on democracy and democratic values.





Shared histories for a Europe without dividing lines


An interactive e-book aimed at teacher trainers, teachers in training, practising teachers and their pupils.

The e-book Shared histories is also available in French in Estonian and in Greek


Latest Recommendation

Recommendation CM/Rec(2022)5 of the Committee of Ministers to member States on passing on remembrance of the Holocaust and preventing crimes against humanity

After long debate, at the end of March 2022, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe adopted a Recommendation on passing on remembrance of the Holocaust and preventing crimes against humanity.

It offers a framework for our Member States regarding the transmission of the history and remembrance of the Holocaust.