Two resources are available on the topic "Women in history".

The publication: Teaching 20th century women’s history: A classroom approach

This publication is a teaching resource for secondary schools designed to integrate women’s history into current classroom practice. Although many of Europe’s school systems have included women’s history in the curricula, there is a shortage of material with which to teach it in practice.

The author has used a holistic approach by focusing on links, sometimes hidden, between work, family, culture, war and politics, and by emphasising the development of skills combined with knowledge and understanding. Students are encouraged to ask relevant questions and to investigate critically women’s historical experience in Europe.

Some of the topics proposed are

  • the relationship between the political and private sphere of women’s lives;
  • how the image of women has been constructed socially through media, language and literature;
  • how political systems have influenced, even directed, women’s private and social role. This latter topic is particularly illustrated by a case study on women’s lives in Stalin’s Russia.

Besides exploiting sources such as oral history and photography, the book also aims to contribute to young people’s understanding of gender equality, including the social forces that have and still do conspire against it.


The report: "The History of Women in Europe in the 20th Century"

Report of the 77th European Teachers' Seminar, In-Service Training Programme for Teacher. Donaueschingen, 6-11 October 1997