Three resources are available population flows

The publication: The changing face of Europe - population flows in the 20th century

This publication was produced as part of the Council of Europe's education project "Learning and teaching about the history of Europe in the 20th century". The project aimed to produce innovative teaching resources for secondary schools which would help school teachers and students alike to approach key historical issues, in this case migration, to better understand the nature of the Europe in which they live.

This study examines all aspects of migration, its different flows and types, such as economic, force and ethnic, as well as its impact on economics, demography and social and cultural life. National policies on integration and naturalisation, and how they are conditioned are examined and compared. From a variety of sources (maps, statistics, first person accounts of migrant life - sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic - novels, films and surveys), a web of causes and effects emerges, depicting migrant life today. In this way, the reader gains an overview and the beginning of a deeper understanding of this complex subject.

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