The Enter! project activities include several types of interventions to support the role of youth work and youth policies in promoting access to social rights. Among the most notable types of activities, Enter! includes:

  • Long term training course for youth workers on access to social rights for young people. Until now 2 editions of this type of training were organised in 2009 – 2011 and 2013 – 2014. This activity also includes the implementation of local youth –led projects organised by the participants in the long term training courses.  
  • Study sessions in the European Youth Centre, ran in cooperation by the Council of Europe and youth organisations on topics related to social rights
  • National level seminars and training courses and thematic seminars on themes related to access to social rights, such as information and counselling, gender equality, youth policy, youth participation. 
  • Enter! youth meetings, which are large scale gatherings of young people, youth workers and local authorities representatives to provide input to the work of the Council of Europe on access to social rights and questions of social inclusion of young people
  • Policy development processes, for example the adoption of the Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers on access to social rights in January 2015
  • Development of educational tools, notably Enter Dignityland!, as educational game to learn about social rights in practice
  • Evaluation of the project, either through evaluation meeting or through external evaluation studies.

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