Call for participants: Enter! Training course for Youth Workers

14 June 2021
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Call for participants: Enter! Training course for Youth Workers

The call for participants for the Enter! long-term training course for youth workers 2021-2022 is now open. The 4th edition of Enter! LTTC is set out to be an example of European level youth worker training which contributes to the quality, access and diversity of youth work and its social and political role in addressing violence, discrimination and exclusion faced by young people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

The youth workers taking part in the LTTC will be both learners and experts. They will learn and help others learn on approaches and practices of youth work and will implement projects to improve access to social rights of young people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. They will also be able to add a European perspective to their local experiences, ideas and everyday challenges and connect them to local, national and European youth policies.

The function of the course is to better equip youth workers with knowledge and skills to support their local communities in accessing social rights. More specifically, the course supports better understanding of the links between youth work provided at grassroots level in disadvantaged neighbourhoods and access to services, spaces, support, opportunities for young people. 

The Council of Europe welcomes applications from youth workers (regardless of the academic or professional status and including volunteers) who are directly working with young people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods likely to face exclusion, discrimination and violence or difficulties in accessing social rights.

 More information is available at the following page: Enter Long-Term Training Course 2021-2022 (

 Call for participants