How to access Kudo How to access Kudo

Dear participants,

Here is a short vade-mecum of Kudo operations

Make sure that you use the Google Chrome browser. If you don’t you might not appear on screen or have sound problems.

When you connect :

If you hear the people in the room, it means you are connected.

- Choose language bottom left (Floor, English, French or Russian)

- go see the chat ("messages") on the right: please note that you can choose "participants" to send messages to everyone, "private" to send a message to one specific participant, and "operator" of you need technical assistance.

- go see the "documents" to the right: you will find the opinions and amendments proposed by the rapporteurs.

When you want to speak: you need to push the blue button "request to speak" bottom right. Your name will appear in the list of "requests to speak" on the right, visible to everyone.

After requesting the floor, unmute micro and camera (grey icons at the centre bottom).

When the moderator gives you the floor (this will be done in chronological order of requests), after a few seconds (be patient) you will appear on the screen and you will be able to speak and be heard by everyone.

(If you use a tablet pls make sure you are on "floor" in the language selection.)

You will remain on screen until either you or the moderator will "release microphone" (red button bottom right). Do not press "release the microphone" button until your intervention is finished.

Only members who are on the floor are “visible” in KUDO (a maximum of six, including the session chair and the meetng room in Strasbourg); you can see the list of all other participants when you go to Messages / Private (your own name is not in the list).

Whenever the image or sound do not work refresh your screen; allow for a minute to reconnect.

Reminder: Use the latest version of Google Chrome, use a headset, put notifications to sleep on your smartphones and computers.



Working languages with simultaneous interpretation Working languages with simultaneous interpretation
Simultaneous interpretation in English, French, Spanish and Russian will be provided at the Conference.
Conference venue - for staff members only and already registered Conference venue - for staff members only and already registered

The Conference venue is:

Council of Europe, Palais de l'Europe

Room 9