What are the European Conferences of Electoral Management Bodies?

The European Conferences of Electoral Management Bodies are a series of annual conferences which began in 2002. The Venice Commission co-organised and took part in the second conference, held in Strasbourg in 2005. Since then, European Conferences of Electoral Management Bodies (EMB Conferences) have been co-organised annually by the Venice Commission and local EMBs in different European countries. The last EMB Conference was held in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, in June 2019 and was jointly organised by the Venice Commission, the Section for Public Administration of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic and the State Commission for the Elections and Control of Political Parties Funding of the Slovak Republic. Each Conference gathers together electoral administrators and experts from the Venice Commission’s 62 member States and beyond. The EMB Conferences' primary aim is to pool and share knowledge and expertise on international standards, domestic legislation and good practice in the electoral field in general.

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