1 January 1956

Entry into force of Agreement on War Cripples

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16 April 1956

The Council of Europe establishes a Resettlement Fund for national refugees and over-population

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21 October 1956

Inauguration of the European Stained Glass Window, the "Strasbourg Madonna"  in Strasbourg, France

 Ceremony in Strasbourg Cathedral (France), 21 October 1956 - Inauguration of the European stained glass window produced by Max Ingrand and given to the Town of Strasbourg by the Council of Europe (in French)

  Press Statement 

'The window of the Virgin

The central bay of the apse features a magnificent stained glass window of the Virgin Mary with outstretched arms and the infant Jesus sitting on her lap, holding a lily in one of his hands. The image was directly inspired by the banner of the city of Strasbourg. Symbolising peace and reconciliation, it was made by master glass-worker Max Ingrand and was offered to the Cathedral by the Council of Europe in 1956. '

Citation: 'Laissez-vous conter la cathédrale de Strasbourg', mission Patrimoine, Direction de la Culture, Ville et Communauté urbaine de Strasbourg.

26 October 1956

The Assembly declares itself in favour of the creation of a common market, to include agriculture

AS/EC(8)2 of 18 June 1956 – Consultative Assembly Committee on Economic Questions – Second meeting – Establishment of a Common Market and European Organisation in the field of Atomic Energy – Report by the Heads of Delegations of the Intergovernmental Committee set up by the Messina Conference (21 April 1956) 

15 December 1956

Opening for signature of the European Convention on the Equivalence of Periods of University Study