Training for National Authorities on Combating Cash Smuggling in the Republic of North Macedonia

Ohrid, Republic of North Macedonia 29-31 August 2022
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© Council of Europe

© Council of Europe

The Action against Economic Crime in North Macedonia organised a three-day training for fifteen public officials’ representatives from the Customs Office, Ministry of Interior, Financial Police, Financial Intelligence Office, Basic Prosecutors Office, as well as the Prosecutors Office for combating organised crime and corruption. The objective of the training was to enhance the capacities and skills of national authorities to counteract cash smuggling, as well as to develop their skills for monitoring and identifying cross-border transportation of cash and bearer negotiable instruments.

Building upon a comprehensive presentation of the international standards including FATF Recommendation 32 and Immediate Outcome 8, the participants engaged actively in the discussion and practical lessons for the application of multiple measures mitigating the risks associated with cash couriers. Topics included awareness of the use of bearer negotiable instruments and concealments, sources of intelligence and the use of Advance Passenger Information and Passenger Name Record (API/PNR) data for passenger assessment, forensic integrity and the respective chain of evidence for cash detection, tactical questioning and recording of information, as well as interview techniques. The practical examples and exercises provided by the Council of Europe experts with extensive firsthand experience in countering cash smuggling and associated money laundering risks related to cash couriers brought significant added value for the participating practitioners.

This activity is organised and funded by the European Union and the Council of Europe “Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey” phase II.