Details of Treaty No.139

European Code of Social Security (Revised)
Title European Code of Social Security (Revised)
Reference ETS No.139
Opening of the treaty Rome, 06/11/1990  - Treaty open for signature by the member States and for accession by non-member States and by the EU
Entry into Force  - 2 Ratifications.

The revised European Code of Social Security updates and improves the provisions of the European Code of Social Security (ETS No. 48).

The Revised Code, like its predecessor, defines European norms for social security coverage and establishes minimum levels of protection which Parties must provide in areas such as pensions, unemployment and invalidity benefits, medical care etc. The most important improvements in the new text are higher rates of cover, an extension of the level and duration of benefits, the inclusion of new benefits, relaxation of the conditions of entitlement, a larger number of preventative measures and the absence of all discrimination based on sex.

Implementation of the revised Code by States which have ratified it will be supervised by a Commission of independent experts working within the Council of Europe's framework. Parties are required, in addition, to send reports on their implementation of the Code to their most representative national organisations of employers and workers. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is also called upon to give an opinion on the national reports.

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