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Each child in need should grow up in a safe and stable environment

[28/12/09 10:00] "The process of de-institutionalisation of large-scale institutions for orphans and children with disabilities must continue, but it has to be pursued with care in the best interests of the child", declared Commissioner Hammarberg in his latest Viewpoint. Stating that suitable alternatives must be developed and supported by the authorities – also in a period of economic crisis he calls governments to enhance the process of supporting children at risk with a strong political backing and sufficient budget resources. Analysing the existing gaps, he considers that public policies should combine step-by-step closure of the old residential care institutions, determined efforts to support vulnerable families and creation of support services such as foster families. "We know now what to do to protect children in need. What is needed is the political will to turn appropriate programmes into reality", he concluded.

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Drawing given by a child, Home Rainbow for children with mental disabilities, Sofia.