Composition of the CDDECS Bureau

The Bureau of the CDDECS consists of 9 members of the CDDECS Committee including one Chair and one Vice-Chair that are elected by its members. The Bureau meets up to 3 times per year in 2-day meetings. Read more about the Bureau meetings here.

Current members of the CDDECS Bureau 2014-2015:

  •   Ms Carlien SCHEELE (The Netherlands / Pays-Bas), Chair
  •   Mr Alexis RINCKENBACH (France), Vice Chair
  •   Ms Merita XHAFAJ (Albania / Albanie)
  • Ms Nadezhda HARIZANOVA (Bulgaria / Bulgarie)
  • Ms Marja-Liisa PARJANNE (Finland / Finlande)
  • Ms Rita SKREBIŠKIENE (Lithuania / Lituanie)
  • Mr Silvan AGIUS (Malta / Malte)
  • Mr Jerzy CIECHANSKI (Poland / Pologne)
  • Ms Maria ORESHINA (Russian Federation / Fédération de Russie)


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