Strasbourg, 16 June 2022



Monday 27 June 2022: 9h30-12h30; 14h30-17h30 (Strasbourg time)

Face-to-face meeting in Room G06, Agora building


1. Opening of the meeting by the Chair of the CDCPP


2. Adoption of the agenda



3. Council of Europe Conference of Ministers of Culture on “Creating our future: creativity and cultural heritage as strategic resources for a diverse and democratic Europe”


4. Work Programme


  • Follow-up to the Recommendation on the role of culture, cultural heritage and landscape in helping to address global challenges (presented to the Ministerial Conference in April 2022 and adopted by the Committee of Ministers at their 132nd Session in Turin on 20 May 2022;
  • Eurimages – progress made in setting up of a new legal framework for European drama series co-productions;
  • Update on the preparation of an implementation report on Recommendation No.R(2000)13 of the Committee of Ministers to member States on a European policy on access to archives;
  • Policy guidelines for an integrated culture, nature and landscape management – progress made and next steps;
  • Preparation of a CoE Report on the Freedom of Artistic Expression, to be published in 2022;
  • EBLIDA Guidelines on Library Legislation and Policy in Europe;
  • Conference plans for an event in 2023 on the Nicosia Convention, in the framework of the Latvian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe;
  • Next thematic session for the 2022 plenary of the CDCPP – possible topics;
  • Revised Terms of Reference of the Committees linked to the European Cultural Convention – item for information.


5. CDCPP Bureau and plenary meetings in 2022


  • Kudo meeting in September/October (preparations for the plenary session)
  • CDCPP hybrid plenary session on 23-25 November


6. Any other business


7. Close of the meeting

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