Marija Pejčinović Burić, Secretary General and members of the staff of the Council of Europe Office in Belgrade

9 March 2022, photo: Vesna Lalić

Staff members of the Council of Europe Office in Belgrade:


Central Office:
  • Janos Babity, Head of Office 
  • Nadia Ćuk, Deputy Head of Office 
  • Mona Alghaith, Assistant to the the Head of Office
  • Ana Borojević, Finance and Office Management Assistant
  • Nemanja Todorović, Finance and Office Management Assistant
  • Siniša Urukalo, Office Support Assistant
  • Novak Obradović, Driver

Regional Finance Officer

  • Ana Dugalić

Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Türkiye

  • Marija Simić, Regional Communication Officer

Horizontal Facility: Strengthening human rights protection in Serbia

  • Dina Dobrković, Senior Project Officer
  • Sanja Leskovac, Project Assistant
Horizontal Facility: Enhancing the human rights protection for detained and sentenced persons in Serbia
  • Milica Đorđević, Senior Project Officer
  • Marijana Božić, Project Assistant
Horizontal Facility: Combating discrimination and promoting diversity in Serbia
  • Svetlana Rakić, Senior Project Officer
  • Ilma Kitivojević, Project Assistant

Horizontal Facility: Strengthening anti-trafficking action in Serbia
  • Mirjana Majstorović, Senior Project Officer
  • Gordana Medenica, Project Assistant

Horizontal Facility: Quality education for all – Serbia
  • Kristijan Rajković, Senior Project Officer
  • Project Assistant

Horizontal Facility: Protecting freedom of expression and of the media in Serbia (PRO-FREX-S)
  • Džemal Čalaković, Senior Project Officer


Horizontal Facility: Enhancing co-operation in the Western Balkans in managing violent extremism in prisons and preventing further radicalisation after release
  • Radmila Borozan, Senior Project Officer

HELP in the Western Balkans
  • Jasminka Peruničić Allen, Senior Project Officer
  • Irena Kotarska, Project Assistant

Preventing money laundering and terrorist financing in Serbia
  • Ana Selić, Programme Manager
  • Predrag Nikolić, Senior Project Officer
  • Sanja Rašković, Project Assistant

  • Anisoara Oprisan, Programme Manager
  • Časlav Ninković, Project Officer
Roma integration programme
  • Dragana Jovanović Arijas, Project Officer
Support for the implementation of judicial reform in Serbia
  • Darja Koturović, Senior Project Officer
  • Vladimir Vukićević, Senior Project Officer
  • Marija Vujisić, Project Assistant
  • Šenaj Maksut, Project Assistant
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