Field Offices of the Council of Europe

The Field Offices of the Council of Europe are set up by decision of the Secretary General in agreement with the country concerned and under the supervision of the Committee of Ministers. Although their goals and way of functioning vary according to their specific mandate, their main aim is to facilitate, maintain and strengthen working relations between the Council of Europe and the national authorities (mainly government and parliament), regional and local authorities, representatives of civil society, political parties and the media, as well as members of the international community. Their activities allow the Council of Europe to assist the country in fulfilling its membership commitments and obligations, influence legislative and other reforms, provide expertise in the Organisation’s fields of competence, develop effective training programmes (inter alia on the European Convention on Human Rights), implement paneuropean activities such as thematic campaigns and so on. Care is taken to coordinate initiatives with our main intergovernmental partners, most importantly the EU and the OSCE as well as the UN and its agencies.


The Council of Europe Office in Belgrade

The Council of Europe Office in Belgrade was opened by the Secretary General on 16 March 2001. The office has been established to act as a contact point for cooperation with the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia at that time, which has applied to join the Council of Europe, with work already underway on joint projects.

Today, the Office is acting in close co-operation with the Government and the relevant authorities of the Republic of Serbia in order to ensure and target Council of Europe advice and assistance more effectively in support of the process of reform, particularly in the promotion of democracy and good governance and the promotion and protection of human rights and the rule of law, with a view to the fulfilment of membership requirements.


Staff members of the CoE Office in Belgrade:


Central Office:

  • Tobias Flessenkemper, Head of Office
  • Nadia Ćuk, Deputy Head of Office
  • Mona Alghaith, Assistant to the the Head of Office
  • Ana Borojević, Finance and Office Management Assistant
  • Nemanja Todorović, Finance and Office Management Assistant
  • Siniša Urukalo, Office Support Assistant
  • Novak Obradović, Driver
  • Ana Dugalić, Regional Financial Officer


Horizontal Facility (HF):

  • Marija Simić, Horizontal Facility Regional Communication Officer


HF Promotion of Diversity and Equality in Serbia

  • Ninoslav Mladenović, Senior Project Officer
  • Maja Mikić Landratoške, Project Assistant


HF Quality Education for all

  • Kristijan Rajković, Senior Project Officer
  • Gorana Bučić, Project Assistant


HF Enhancing human rights protection for detained and sentenced persons in Serbia - phase II

  • Milica Djordjević, Senior Project Officer
  • Marijana Božić, Project Assistant


HF Enhancing penitentiary capacities in addressing radicalisation in prisons in the Western Balkans

  • Radmila Borozan, Senior Project Officer


HF Strengthening the effective legal remedies to human violations in Serbia  

  • Maja Lazović, Senior Project Officer
  • Sanja Leskovac, Project Assistant


HF Strengthening Independence and Accountability of the Judiciary 

  • Mirjana Samardžić, Senior Project Officer
  • Ilma Kitivojević, Project Assistant


HF Preventing and Combating Trafficking in Human Beings in Serbia 

  • Mirjana Majstorović, Project Officer
  • Gordana Medenica, Project Assistant


HF Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Media in Serbia (JUFREX)

HF Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Media in South-East Europe (JUFREX)

  • Džemal Čalaković, Senior Project Officer
  • Irena Drašković, Project Assistant


HF HELP Project in Western Balkans

  • Jasminka Peruničić Allen, Project Officer
  • Irena Kotarska, Project Assistant


Human Resources Management in Local Self-Government - Phase 2

  • Aleksandar Jovanović, Project Manager
  • Mihailo Udovički, Senior Project Officer
  • Marija Aranđelović, Project Assistant
  • Katarina Karan, Project Assistant


Preventing money laundering and terrorist financing in Serbia

  • Ana Selić, Programme Manager
  • Predrag Nikolić, Senior Project Officer
  • Sanja Rašković, Project Assistant


ROMACTED, phase 2

  • Marina Vasić, Programme Manager
  • Časlav Ninković, Project Assistant


Support for the implementation of judicial reform in Serbia

  • Danko Runić, Senior Project Officer
  • Darja Koturović, Senior Project Officer
  • Marija Vujisić, Project Assistant
  • Miroslava Balabanović, Project Assistant
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