At Intercultural Cities we believe we are stronger together. As a network we aim to amplify our voices and to jointly speak up to share the message of real equality, diversity advantage and intercultural interaction. One way to share this message is through communication campaigns to commemorate the international days which are interlinked with the topics we focus on as Intercultural Cities.

Through joint campaigns on the international days, the member cities can join forces to speak up on joint topics and link this to the campaigns run by the cities. Through this, we can together as a network make our voices heard and reach audiences we would not be able to speak to individually. campaigns are prepared jointly within the network well in advance to convey coordinated messages through common tools and a brand identity, so to facilitate the participation of member cities, allow for adequate planning, and increase impact. The joint campaigns overall are bright in nature and multilingual, allowing for an international use across the global intercultural cities network. Each campaign has a specific area of focus linked to the international day and the priority topics of the Intercultural Cities programme.

There are several international days which commemorate topics which are at the heart of the work of the Intercultural Cities programme. In 2021, the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development; the World Refugee Day; and the International Migrants Day have been chosen as focus areas. Please find information on the international days for 2021 below.

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