Convention rights and issues I need to consider

Articles 2 Right to life, 3 Prohibition of torture, 8 Respect for private and family life, 14 Prohibition of discrimination, Protocol No. 1 Article 1 Protection of property

  • Do I, or should I know of risks or threats of violence,including domestic violence, to someone I have a duty to protect (e.g. as a police officer)?
  • Is a detainee or psychiatric patient in my charge at risk of harm from themselves or others?
  • Have all necessary and reasonable steps been taken to assess the person's medical condition, especially if there is an indication that they may have been injured?
  • Are there risks of installations I am in charge of (e.g. municipal waste plants) threatening homes or lives of people living nearby?

Please note
References to article numbers are to the European Convention on Human Rights except where a Protocol is specified.
The issues listed are not exhaustive.