Annual Reports

of the Committee of Ministers

Supervision of the execution of judgments and decisions of the European Court of Human Rights

The Committee of Ministers’ annual report presents the status of execution of the main judgments of the European Court of Human Rights by the member States of the Council of Europe. It also provides statistics and information on new cases, cases pending or closed during the year.

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Annual Report 2021

This annual report presents an overview of major developments and outreach activities concerning the execution of judgments and decisions of the European Court of Human Rights. It also provides statistics concerning notably: new, pending and closed cases; action plans and reports submitted by respondent States; the length of the execution process; as well as just satisfaction awarded to applicants.


Although the Covid-19 pandemic continued to pose serious challenges, in 2021 the Committee of Ministers examined a record high number of cases at the four Human Rights meetings and closed more than 1,100 cases following the adoption by respondent States of individual, and a wide range of legislative and other general measures. Also, the participatory nature and transparency of the execution process were further reinforced, notably due to an ever increasing number of communications received by the Committee of Ministers from civil society organisations and national human rights institutions.

The execution process, however, continues to face a number of serious challenges. The increasing number of new judgments, including particularly complex inter-state and “Article 18” cases, places the system under strain. Concerns are also raised by delays in the submission by States of information vital for the execution process, such as action plans and reports and confirmation of payment of just satisfaction. In addition, several long-standing, systemic and structural problems at national level persist and require particular attention, although in a number of these cases progress has been made. As a result, further efforts should be pursued by member States and the Council of Europe to ensure that the Convention system can continue to respond effectively to the numerous human rights challenges Europe faces.