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Speeches by Ms Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe



  • Bratislava, 29 November 2011
    Conference "Effective ways to prevent and combat violence against women and domestic violence"
  • Monaco, 20 November 2011
    Conference on the Council of Europe Strategy for the Rights of the Child 2012-2015 "Building a child-friendly Europe: Turning a vision into reality"
  • Florence, 17 November 2011
    Fifth meeting of the Network of Contact Parliamentarians to stop sexual violence against children
  • Zagreb, 27 October 2011
    Regional Conference Stopping Sexual Violence against Children
  • Nairobi, 27 September 2011
    Internet Governance Forum 2011: opening of the workshop "Strengthening the protection of cross border Internet personal data"
  • New York, 13 September 2011
    UNICEF Executive Board session
  • Venice, 9 September 2011
    Round table devoted to ''Shedding light on a taboo: Cinema’s contribution to the elimination of sexual violence against children''
  • Kyiv, 24 May 2011
    International conference ''Combating violence against children: from isolated actions to integrated strategies''
  • Strasbourg, 26 January 2011
    First meeting of the Network of Contact Parliamentarians to stop sexual violence against children



  • Stockholm, 20 November 2009
    High Level Meeting of the intergovernmental group L’Europe de l’Enfance - ''Celebrating Children’s Rights: the future of a present''
  • Berlin, 30 June 2009
    International Conference on combating sexual exploitation of children in the Internet “The protection of girls and boys against sexual violence in the new media”
  • Strasbourg, 2 June 2009
    Launching of the Council of Europe platform on Children’s Rights
  • Toledo (Spain), 12 March 2009
    “The Protection of Children in European Justice Systems

Support for the new Council of Europe convention