Execution of Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights


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Round Tables

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◊ Round Table on the action plans and report of states for the execution of the judgments of the European court: current practice and future perspectives
- Strasbourg, 13-14 October 2014
• Conclusions:
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◊ High Level Conference on Freedom of Expression and Media Freedom in Turkey
- Ankara 5 February 2013

◊ Round Table on excessive length of proceedings:how to resolve a systemic problem in this area, and avoid an influx of repetitive applications to the European Court in a durable manner
- Antalya 8-9 November 2012

◊ Efficient Domestic Capacity for rapid execution of the European Courts Judgments
- Tirana, 15-16 December 2011

◊ Property restitution/compensation: General measures to comply with the European Court's Judgments
- Bucarest, 17 February 2011

◊ Effective remedies against non-execution or delayed execution of domestic court decisions
- Strasbourg, 15-16 March 2010

◊ Detention on remand: General Measures to comply with the European Court judgments
- Warsaw, 9-10 December 2009

◊ Non-enforcement of domestic courts decisions in member states: general measures to comply with European Court judgments
- Strasbourg, 21-22 June 2007

◊ Non-enforcement of court decisions against the state and its entities in the Russian Federation: remaining problems and solutions required
-Strasbourg, 30-31 October 2006