Good governance

Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform


AUSTRIA - Country Specific Programmes for Capacity building 


Activity in 2012

CoE-MCI-Summer School, 4-6 July 2012: The Leadership Academy Summer School on Good Governance

This Summer School was designed for 3 days to appeal in particular to senior managers and elected representatives of the Tyrol region. However, participants also included representatives from the Czech Republic, Germany and Italy. The topics of the Summer School included the Leadership Benchmark, the Strategy for Innovation and Good Governance, self-awareness of leadership characteristics, conflict management, inter-municipal cooperation, leadership styles and organisation dynamics.


Meetings and consultations on ELoGE with the Austrian Association of Towns

The Austrian Association of Towns prepared its application for the European Label for Innovation and Good Governance – ELoGE.



Activity in 2011


New co-operation established with the Austrian Association of Towns and the Management Centre of Innsbruck (MCI).

Agreement to support the promotion in Austria of the European Label for Innovation and Good Governance - ELOGE and Leadership Academy Programme, two of the main tools developed by the Centre of Expertise

Translation of the “Structures and Procedures of ELOGE” into German

Meeting on the Leadership Academy Programme and ELoGE organised in Innsbruck (5-6 December) with the participation of representatives of local government associations form Croatia and Turkey