Good governance

Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform


BELGIUM - Country Specific Programmes for Capacity building†


Activity in 2012

2nd field visit of CoE experts in the pilot municipalities of Andenne and Beauraing (21 & 22June 2012) - support given to completion of their respective performance management plans in the field of HR management

Completion of a Manual on performance management at local level (October 2012) with case studies from Beauraing and Andenne put at the disposal of the Union of Cities of Wallonia (UNVW)



Activity in 2011


Performance management at local level programme launched in cooperation with the Union of Cities and Communes of Wallonia (UVCW).

Meeting with representatives of the Association of the City and the Municipalities of the Brussels Capital Region and the Union of Municipalities and Communes of Wallonia held in Brussels to review current approachs amd discuss a proposed action plan


Key outcomes in 2011

Group of 9 Walloon pilot municipalities established

Representatives of pilot municipalities were introduced to the Council of Europe PMP methodology

Performance tables developed by municipalities assessed by Council of Europe experts and UMCW officials



Activity in 2010


Preparatory work to the launch of a new performance management programme in 2011


Action carried out

Contacts have been established with the Union of Cities of Wallonia as well as with the Association of Cities and Communes of the Region of Brussels Capital, with a view to launch in 2011 a new programme on performance management at local level in several Belgian municipalities. The French cities of Lille and Le Havre should also be involved in these activities.